Smart, clean Energy and Electric Vehicles for the City

SEEV4-City is an innovative project funded by the EU Interreg North Sea Region Programme. Its main objective is to demonstrate smart electric mobility solutions, integrating renewable-energy sources and encouraging take-up in cities.

All SEEV4-City Operational Pilots are aimed at combining electro mobility and renewable energies.

⚡️☀️Technological innovations help accelerate our Energy Transition journey, but come with some new challenges as well. It's all about finding the right balance to take those next steps. Controlling the way we charge our EVs will be part of the solution..🚘💡

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The Amsterdam Flexpower Final Report is available!
Some key points:
- 432 EV charging stations in Amsterdam modified
- 1.1 kW evening peak load reduction per #EV #charger
- Beware the power rebound effect

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